Find answers to your frequently asked questions about REMEX Market. Enjoy low prices, convenient pickup, and hassle-free returns. Discover incredible deals on overstocked and returned items. Shop now and experience a seamless shopping experience at REMEX Market.

01. Refund Policy

1.1. What is your return policy?
Our return policy allows only for individual items purchase. Returns will be alowed within 14 days of purchase. Please refer to our Return Policy page for more details.

1.2. What is your refund policy?
We offer refunds only for individuak items purchase. We allow returns within 14 days of purchase. For more information, please review our Refund Policy.

02. Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

2.1  Store Pick up

  • We offer a free Store Pick up service.
  • Pick up address: 11410 Mathis AVE. Ramp #29, Farmers Branch, TX, 75234

2.2 Domestic Shipping (United States)

  • We provide shipping to all states within the United States.
  • Shipping fees vary depending on the product and delivery location.
  • Shipping fees will be calculated and presented during the checkout process.
  • Shipping is available for orders of $300 or more or for LOTS products.
  • The average delivery time is 3-5 days after placing an order. Please note that higher order volumes might lead to longer shipping times.
  • Our shipping is facilitated through external shipping carriers, and we are not responsible for any product issues that arise after the products have been dispatched.

2.3  International Shipping

  • We offer international shipping to all countries supported by Shopify.
  • International shipping fees vary based on the product, delivery destination, and target country.
  • Shipping fees will be displayed during the checkout process.
  • International shipping is available for orders of $300 or more or for LOTS products.
  • The estimated delivery time for international orders is around 7-14 days, depending on local customs procedures.
  • Similar to domestic shipping, our international shipping is managed by external shipping carriers, and we are not liable for product issues that occur after dispatch.


  • Please ensure that your shipping information and address are accurate when placing an order.
  • Shipping fees and delivery times are subject to change based on circumstances, and we recommend verifying these details during the checkout process.
  • Shipping is managed by external shipping carriers, and we hold no responsibility for product issues post-dispatch.
  • For further details regarding shipping, please refer to our Shipping Policy page on our website.

03. Inspection Process

3.1. What is the product inspection process like?
Our products go through a rigorous inspection process conducted by our team of experts. They carefully assess the condition, functionality, and authenticity of each item before it is listed for sale.

04. Other Questions

4.1. How are the prices determined?
Our prices are determined based on various factors, including product condition, market demand, and current availability.

4.2. Can I request additional photos or detailed descriptions?
Absolutely! We understand the importance of making informed decisions, so feel free to contact our support team to request additional photos or detailed descriptions of any product.